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With a background as a music educator and pre-school music specialist for thirteen years, Joanne has written dozens of songs, mostly for children.

Branching into literature, Joanne's children's book series includes 

One Cabbage Lane, and her new release Two Cabbage Lane.

Cabbage Lane 1.png

One Cabbage Lane

Sometimes it’s the tiniest thing that can make the biggest difference! That’s what Rosie discovers when she comes face to face with a huge problem. All her life she’s been excluded and left out but… can she make a difference now? Can she prove herself? Does she have the courage?

Come meet Rosie and all her neighbours who live on Cabbage Lane.

Cabbage Lane 2.png

Two Cabbage Lane 

Not all families are the same.  Sometimes there are two parents

and sometimes there’s just one. 

Sometimes there’s only one child and other times there are many! 

And every now and then a little boy or girl is adopted into an

awesome family that has waited forever to meet them. 

As long as it’s a happy family with lots of love…it’s a perfect family!

Meet Beanie and Sonny, who create the most perfect family together.

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